Aaron Hernandez Gay Rumors Slammed By Lawyer Jose Baez


Aaron Hernandez hid gay sex life because his father ‘would certainly slap the f **** t out of him’, says high school guy

AARON Hernandez resided in fear of his homophobic daddy learning about his secret gay sex life.

That did not quit Aaron from having a five-year relationship with his friend as well as teammate Dan Sansoucie however, which both males kept a trick for many years.

Dan claims in the new Netflix documentary Killer Inside: Expert the Mind of Aaron Hernandez that he and Aaron began to experiment when they were both in 7th grade, and also enjoyed it so much it continued through their junior year of senior high school.

Dan has actually spoken up prior to about his relationship with Aaron in the past, however shared brand-new information about their time together and also their concern of getting captured.

” Aaron was terrified of his father learning.aaron hernandez gay high school Mr Hernandez was a guy’s male who would certainly put the f **** t right out of you,’ says Dan.” We had to hide what we were.”

Aaron never mentioned his sexuality, and would certainly later on take place to have a kid with the female he began dating after his partnership with Dan finished, Shayanna Jenkins.

” We made use of to rough-housing, that was our thing. Horseplay as well as simply enjoy with each various other. We were simply youngsters full of life,'” claims Dan.

He mosts likely to describe that both had an ‘on and off partnership from the 7th grade to the junior year of high school,” while likewise keeping in mind that he was just “a tiny component of Aaron’s sexual activity.”

” Back then the women really did not truly associate the kids after school,” notes Dan.

” Aaron and I explored, and I’ll be sincere, it’s something we most likely proceeded due to the fact that we both enjoyed it.”

Dan admits that he remained in “denial” and also even thought much less of his classmates that were honestly gay at the time.

The concept that the quarterback as well as tight end are gay just “does not rest best with people.”

” It was strange, it was like after doing it we would want to see, did a person catch us, did a person know,” recalls Dan.

Things altered between the two however when Aaron lost his dad at the age of 16, an event that drove the two apart instead of bringing them more detailed together.

” When I saw him at the wake I explored his eyes and also something had transformed,” claims Dan.

Reports regarding Aaron’s relationships with various other males started to emerge simply 2 days prior to he took his very own life.

At the time, he was serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd and had actually just been acquitted in a double-murder case.

Hernandez was detained for the murder of Lloyd in 2013, one year after the New England Patriots had actually authorized him to a record five-year agreement extension worth $40 million that included $16 million assured and a finalizing bonus of $12.5 million.

It was while checking out that case that cops discovered an auto concealed in Aaron’s relative’s garage that was tied to the double murders of Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu and Safiro Teixeira Furtado one year prior.

Hernandez employed Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez for the last case and also was acquitted after his protection said it might not be proven that Aaron was the gunman.

He was likewise quickly acquitted of Lloyd’s murder under a Massachusetts law that abandons convictions in case an accused’s case is in the appeal process at the time of his/her death.

Lloyd’s household at some point had actually that turned around, and an exam of Hernandez’s brain after his death located that he had among the most severe cases of CTE physicians had ever before seen in a guy his age.


Aaron Hernandez Gay Romance Exposed as Entirely Phony By Former Senior High School Schoolmate?

If you have actually seen the Netflix doc concerning previous Patriots gamer Aaron Hernandez, you would certainly recognize now that he apparently had a sex-related relationship with his QB in secondary school.

A person who went to High School with him is currently claiming that Dennis SanSoucie was not Aaron Hernandez’s QB, that makes his tale a lot less believable.

Aaron Hernandez’ secret senior high school gay enthusiast speaks out

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Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, the former fiancu00e9e of the late Aaron Hernandez, has actually opened regarding conjectures raised by an explosive Netflix docuseries, which suggested that the former NFL star can’ve been gay or bisexual.

Jenkins-Hernandez, who had a daughter with the former New England Patriots limited end in 2012, sat down with Amy Robach for an emotional meeting which aired on “Greetings America” Wednesday.

For the first time because the release of “Awesome Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez,” the 30-year-old resolved claims concerning his sexuality.

“What was in the documentary that should not have been, in your point of view?,” Robach asked her, beginning their touching sit-down conversation.

Aaron‘s sexuality,” Jenkins-Hernandez answered. “You can not define someone’s sexuality without them being here. Although I have a youngster with Aaron, I still can’t inform you exactly how he was feeling inside. No person can,” she added.

The much-talked-about three-part documentary collection, which premiered on Netflix on Jan. 15, includes claims from on of Hernandez’s senior high school teammates Dennis SanSoucie, who disclosed that both had a sexual partnership, which started in 7th grade and also lasted till their junior year.

Combating rips, Jenkins-Hernandez said that if he did, as a matter of fact, hide his sexuality from her, she wants he would certainly have pertained to her.

“If he did really feel by doing this, or if he really felt the urge, I wish that I was informed. I wish that he would have told me due to the fact that I wouldn’t have liked him any type of in different ways. I would have understood. It’s not shameful,” she stated, combating tears.

“I do not believe any person must really feel scandalous for that they are inside regardless of who they like.

aaron hernandez gay high school

I assume it’s an attractive thing,” she added. “I wish I can inform him that.”

After “Awesome Inside” premiered, she wrote on Instagram that she would be briefly signing off from social media sites.

“I wished to allow all of you sweet pleasant souls understand I have actually tried to check out every message sent on IG and through e-mail (favorable as well as adverse),” she composed. “The amount of assistance as well as favorable power is once again unreal! I make certain you will all comprehend exactly how essential it is to spend some time far from social media.”

In 2013, at the elevation of his football career, Hernandez was billed for the murder of striving specialist football gamer Odin Lloyd. He was also later on prosecuted for 2012 the dual homicide of 2 Boston-area males, which he was eventually acquitted.

In 2022, he was founded guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Lloyd. A judge sentenced him to life without the opportunity of parole.

Two years later, the 27-year-old he took his own life while offering his time in a Massachusetts prison.

An investigation into previous NFL star Aaron Hernandez’s prison self-destruction Wednesday disclosed that he left 3 letters to be reviewed after his fatality. One was reportedly contacted his fiancu00e9e, the other to his daughter as well as the last to a prison buddy.

The pal in prison, nonetheless, was one whom Hernandez was in an intimate relationship with as well as was amongst the last to see him to life, according to Newsweek’s report.

” Hernandez’s sexuality would, certainly, not matter, save for the truth that an intimate connection he presumably had with a male former high school schoolmate was at the center of the investigation right into Lloyd’s murder,” Newsweek reported.

Hernandez’s attorney, nonetheless, adamantly rejected accusations of an intimate letter to a man.

” Rumors of letters to a gay fan, in or out of jail, are incorrect,” Jose Baez told TMZ Sports Monday. “These are harmful leakages made use of to stain somebody who is dead.”

A lawyer for Kyle Kennedy, the guy that was apparently entailed with the previous New England Patriots limited end, provided a declaration in behalf of his client Monday.

” My customer is clearly distressed by the loss of his buddy, Aaron Hernandez,” Larry Military Jr. said in the statement. “A letter was delegated my customer however neither I, neither my client, have seen the letter. We will be requesting that the letter be turned over to my customer immediately.”

A court ruled Monday that the 3 letters ought to be released to those whom they were addressed.

Baez claimed Monday Hernandez‘s death was still being checked out. Hernandez, 27, was located hanged by a bed sheet in his jail cell Wednesday while offering a life sentence for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd.

” The family members and also lawful group is shocked and stunned at the information of Aaron’s fatality. There were no discussions or communications from Aaron to his household or legal group that would certainly have indicated anything such as this was possible,” Baez said after his fatality. “Those that love and respect him are sad as well as identified to locate the truth bordering his unfortunate death. We request that authorities perform a clear and also detailed investigation “

Former Bristol HS Student Says Aaron Hernandez’s Alleged Gay Fan is Lying

I’m from Bristol CT AND went to Bristol Central HS and I can inform you Matt Coyne was Aaron Hernandez’s QB not Dennis SanSoucie LOL so this narrative of QB/TE in love doesn’t build up. Yet I see how powerful the media is and how it manages the minds of the masses.aaron hernandez gay high school lecastella.info recently dropped a documentary called ‘Killer Inside,’ which is focused on the life of now-deceased football player Aaron Hernandez. The doc is focused on just how Hernandez took a turn in the direction of murder, but doc additionally focuses on the sexuality of the NFL gamer too. Nevertheless, a single person has come out to challenge the details put forward in the documentary.

A resident of Bristol, Connecticut, and also graduate of the high school Hernandez went to took to Twitter to articulate their point of view. The former student said “I’m from Bristol CT and also went to Bristol Central HS, and also I can inform you Matt Coyne was Aaron Hernandez’s QB, not Dennis SanSoucie LOL so this narrative of QB/TE crazy doesn’t build up. However I see just how powerful the media is as well as just how it controls the minds of the masses.”

Aaron Hernandez had to conceal his gay sex life from papa, says high school partner

AARON Hernandez lived in concern of his homophobic daddy discovering his secret gay sex life. That did not stop Aaron from having a five-year …

Aaron Hernandez’s Senior high school Close friend Dennis SanSoucie Claims He Was Football Celebrity’s Gay Enthusiast In New Docudrama

Shocking brand-new details emerge regarding the distressed life of Aaron Hernandez, although that Hernandez dedicated suicide more than two years back. Dennis SanSoucie, youth friend and also former high school colleague of Hernandez, has actually revealed that the two of them had a secret gay partnership throughout their high school professions.

In an interview with Examination Discovery, SanSoucie opened up regarding the information of his relationship with Hernandez. SanSoucie claimed that he and Hernandez were buddies throughout their youth, but this friendship, “proceeded to simply greater than friends,” by the time the two got to intermediate school. This relationship continued right into their secondary school years, where SanSoucie says that his connection with Hernandez had become sexual. “We really did not desire any individual to understand,” said SanSoucie concerning the relationship, adding that, “We were just in total denial of what was really going on.” SanSoucie thinks that if his teammates found out about the sexual relationship in between Hernandez and himself, their “lives would certainly be ruined.”

After secondary school, Hernandez was selected by the New England Patriots to play as a limited end starting in the 2010 period. His job was shortened when he was accused of murdering Odin Llyod in 2013.aaron hernandez gay high school In 2014, while still being checked out for Lloyd’s murder, Hernandez was fingered for a 2012 double murder. In 2022, Hernandez was found guilty of eliminating Lloyd as well as was punished to life without parole. In April of 2022, he was acquitted for the double murder, however simply a couple of days later on, he dedicated suicide by hanging himself with a bed sheet in his prison cell.

After his death, it was revealed that Hernandez suffered from chronic stressful encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a condition that results from mind injury. Dr Ann McKee, a director of Boston College’s CTE Facility, said of Hernandez’s case that, “In any individual we can not take the pathology and discuss the habits. Yet we can state collectively, in our collective experience, people with CTE and CTE of this seriousness have problem with impulse control, decision-making, inhibition of impulses or aggression, usually emotional volatility and rage behaviors.”

A brand-new Netflix docudrama, readied to be released on January 15, is mosting likely to take a look at the life as well as death of Hernandez.

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Future Wife of Aaron Hernandez rejects rumors he was gay, bisexual in Dr. Phil interview

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, the bride-to-be of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, claims the rumors that he was gay or bisexual just aren’t true.

Jenkins-Hernandez, who appeared Tuesday in the 2nd component of a two-part meeting on the “Dr. Phil” program, informed the host that she discovered the reports to be “humiliating” and also “painful.”

She took place to state she really did not think that Hernandez and fellow prisoner Kyle Kennedy had any type of connection, as rumors recommended the two were enthusiast, which he was “quite a guy” to her.

These most recent statements from Jenkins-Hernandez adhere to the her remarks in the first part of the meeting from Monday, when she informed Dr. Phil that she does not think Hernandez committed suicide, despite verifications and also statements from authorities.

Aaron Hernandez’s Alleged Gay Lover Defines Years-Long Partnership in Netflix’s ‘Killer Inside’

If you assume you understand whatever regarding Aaron Hernandez, reconsider. On Wednesday, Netflix launched their brand-new Aaron Hernandez docudrama, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, a three-part deep study the life as well as job of the convicted killer and previous NFL gamer.aaron hernandez gay high school In the first episode, high school quarterback …

Aaron Hernandez Doc Discovers Alleged Connection With Gay Fan

Aaron Hernandez’s criminal activities have actually been well-documented. The former New England Patriots wide receiver was convicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd while teammates and followers continue to be confused regarding why he went down such a dark course. Hernandez devoted self-destruction while in prison as well as after his fatality, people began searching for solutions. The guy was clearly misunderstood and also the brand-new Netflix docuseries Awesome Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez wants to look for several of those solutions.

There have been rumors that Hernandez was bisexual and also even had a gay fan. In the documentary, Hernandez’s former secondary school quarterback Dennis SanSoucie comes forward and also affirms he had a relationship with the late football celebrity.

” We used to horseplay, that was our point. We used to enjoy horseplaying and having fun with each various other because we were just children full of life,” SanSoucie claimed through lecastella.info “Aaron as well as I had an on and off-relationship from the 7th quality to junior year of high school. Aaron took part with many people. I was a small piece of Aaron‘s sexual activity.”

The documentary debuted today as well as will certainly provide followers with some insight right into Hernandez’s life and his mindset for much of his profession. If you’ve seen the docudrama, let us understand in the comments below and also tell us what you thought of it.

I Think he was gay at all.aaron hernandez gay high school So authors better stop posting that crap! Why don’t they go check out his ex fiancu00e9! She possibly has something to do with it. I suggest she took his surname and also yet not wed in any way to him. Additionally not long after she got pregnant. I wager she was planning his death and also tampering the other man! I bet also the various other daughter wasn’t his!

@BeenASavage: supposedly. He remained in the process of appealing by my recollection.

So does this focus a lot more on him being gay or what led him to coming to be a murderer?

I believe both yet they are riding the whole “gay” thing since it’s a marketing technique as well as will certainly get views/people talking.

Aaron Hernandez’ Gay Enthusiast Speaks Out: ‘We Really Did Not Want People to Know’

The late previous NFL player Aaron Hernandez’ gay lover speaks up concerning their relationship in a brand-new profile in the Boston World. Hernandez, who was founded guilty of murdering Odin Lloyd in 2013, eliminated himself in his prison cell in 2022.

Dennis SanSoucie told the paper that his connection with Hernandez began in intermediate school and also proceeded with secondary school. Their moms and dads had actually recognized each various other. SanSoucie’s papa Tim had when gotten on the obtaining end of a strike from Hernandez’s father when Tim was mentoring their sons’ youth take on football group.

In high school Dennis SanSoucie and also Aaron Hernandez had ended up being something of a phenomenon on the football team. SanSoucie was the quarterback and Hernandez broke a Connecticut high school document by catching 67 passes from SanSoucie.

SanSoucie informed the World that they got high on cannabis commonly, as well as strove to hide their connection: “Me and also him were very much into trying to hide what we were doing. We didn’t want individuals to recognize.”

The profile also reveals that Hernandez’s family members, specifically his dad, was extremely homophobic, and objected when Aaron returned eventually as a young student as well as stated he wished to be a supporter.

‘ Faggot’ was made use of constantly in our residence,” said Hernandez’s bro Jonathan. “Regularly.aaron hernandez gay high school Standing. Speaking. Acting. Looking. It was the outermost point my father desired you to also look like in our family. This was not appropriate to him.”

SanSoucie is now an out gay guy, according to the profile, and thinks Hernandez would certainly be proud of him for talking about their connection: ” I really genuinely really feel in my heart I obtained the green light from him.”

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, Hernandez‘s girlfriend, discussed reports he was gay in the foreword to a book published in August by defense attorney Jose Baez.

Created Jenkins-Hernandez, using the Boston Herald: “There has actually been much supposition regarding Aaron’s sexuality given that his death. I can say this: Aaron was significantly a male to me. I saw no indicator that he was gay or homosexual. I desire I had known just how he felt, just so we might have spoken about it. I wouldn’t have rejected him.

aaron hernandez gay high school

I would certainly have been helpful. I can’t fault him if he was really feeling by doing this. When you enjoy a person a lot you just wish to exist to sustain them. The fact that he felt he couldn’t appear to me or he couldn’t tell me these things harms, because we had that bond. I’ve accepted that he might have been the means he was claimed to be, or that it might not hold true. No matter, I won’t recognize.”

In an Oxygen network unique which aired in March, Aaron Hernandez Uncovered, defense lawyer George Leontire claimed the former NFL gamer was tortured over the reality he was gay,

Stated Leontire: ” Aaron as well as I talked about his sexuality. This man plainly was gay. [He] acknowledged it. Acknowledged the enormous discomfort that it triggered him … I believe that he likewise came out of a society that was so adverse about gay people that he exhibited some self-hatred.”

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Aaron Hernandez’s Gay? He Had A Romance With His College Friend But Was “Frightened” Of His Dad’s Reaction

Aaron Hernandez’s death was recognized as suicide, which he dedicated on April 19, 2022. Prior to his criminal prosecutions as well as jail time, he was a footballer and committed fiancu00e9 to Shayanna Jenkins, with whom they had a daughter.

Shayanna Jenkins takes part in Netflix’s docuseries, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez.

aaron hernandez gay high school

It reveals really succulent details regarding the former footballer that wasn’t public, including his numerous claimed interactions with men. Let’s explore this subject, shall we?

Aaron Hernandez’s best friend and also quarterback at Bristol Central High opened concerning their love in the new series. Dennis SanSoucie frankly disclosed both had actually been in a connection back then, that made the former NFL gamer frightened of his dad’s reaction.

The possibility that Aaron Hernandez was homosexual or bisexual is well specific in Netflix’s TV collection, making headings around the world.

In a publication, Aaron Hernandez’s Killing Area, writer Dylan Howard published a love letter from the late expert athlete to his supposed lover, Kyle Kennedy. He supposedly composed:

Aaron‘s secret prison companion with confidence sent his acknowledgements after his suicide in 2022. Although Kyle Kennedy described him as “my close friend,” it is understood publicly understand the two romanced each other while Hernandez was involved to Shayanna Jenkins.

Shayanna Jenkins regrets one point about her late partner: she really did not understand what was happening with him. She didn’t understand that the New England Patriots star was gay, yet she would certainly have been recognizing and also encouraging. In the foreword for Unneeded Roughness, which was composed by Aaron’s defense attorney Jose Baez, Jenkins wrote:

Aaron Hernandez’s moms and dads refused to join Netflix’s docuseries, unlike Shayanna Jenkins. Incidentally, she is currently engaged to bar proprietor and also boxer, Dino Guilmette, with whom she has another daughter. Regretfully, we will not know the NFL gamer’s objectives and also actions due to his fatality, however maybe, people can make some rational final thoughts from the TV series.

Aaron Hernandez was sexually abused as a youngster, had gay love in senior high school

Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots limited end who was offering a lifetime sentence for slaying his close friend prior to he hanged himself in his jail cell in 2022, is the topic of a new investigatory collection by the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team.

Hernandez’s brother Jonathan informed the paper Hernandez had relied on him that he was sexually molested as a young boy.

Among Hernandez’s legal representatives likewise claimed his customer told him this, though neither resource informed the World who molested Hernandez.

Various other details in the first part of the Globe’s six-part collection repaint a portrait of an extremely violent ambience around Hernandez as he was raised in Bristol, Connecticut.

aaron hernandez gay high school

His dad, Dennis Hernandez, when punched Hernandez’s youth football instructor in the face over a training dispute.

That train’s child, Dennis SanSoucie, stated he and Aaron Hernandez frequently made use of marijuana before football methods and after video games, and had a “now-and-then sexual partnership” with each other in middle school as well as senior high school.

Hernandez was provided a life sentence without parole for eliminating previous good friend Odin Lloyd in 2013. He was later on discovered not guilty in the examination of a drive-by capturing.

Aaron Hernandez‘s secret gay fan opens about their partnership

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Was Aaron Hernandez Gay: Meet His Enthusiasts, Kyle Kennedy And Also Dennis SanSoucie

In 2022, NFL gamer Aaron Hernandez was serving time in jail after being founded guilty for the first-degree murder of a semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd when he was outed by a radio show of being gay. Two days later on, he committed suicide in prison and also ever since many memoirs, podcasts, docudramas, and so on attempted to portray his life. And now, a three-part Netflix documentary, “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” sheds light on the topic, finally discussing his sexual orientation.

This once again brings into emphasis all the report and pieces of spread details about the deceased NFL gamer right into focus once again. So, let’s fulfill the two males who have actually been called his lovers- Kyle Kennedy And Also Dennis Sansoucie:

Of the three letters Aaron Hernandez left prior to devoting suicide, one was for 22-year-old Kyle Kennedy, according to a report in The Daily Mail, that was jailed in January 2022 for a knifepoint burglary at a Cumberland Farms filling station in Northbridge, Massachusetts. He led cops on a high-speed chase and also tried to flee after he was detained.

As Kyle Kennedy was the last person to see Hernandez active, he has been placed on suicide watch inside the maximum-security Souza-Baranowski Corrections Center. Supposedly, Hernandez gave him a $50,000 watch as well as other residential property soon before he took his life.

SanSoucie was in high school with Aaron Hernandez and also got on the football team with him. “When I satisfied Aaron, it resembled fulfilling your double sibling. It was so funny; we were both the very same. He has dimples, we’re both ‘cheesy smile,’ all pleased. He utilized to be able to make every person laugh,” SanSoucie shown to Netflix.aaron hernandez gay high school He shared that he and Hernandez had “an on and off connection from the 7th grade to the junior year of senior high school.”

But they never ever honestly approved their connection as few people in his high school were “out in the open” as well as they needed to “hide what we were.”

” I remained in such denial … due to the fact that I was an athlete,” he claimed. “‘ You indicate to inform me that the quarterback and also the limited end was gay? He sleeps with other men?’ No, it doesn’t sit best with people. It does not rest right within our very own stomach during that time.” It was SanSoucie’s dad, Tim SanSoucie, that was Aaron’s young people tackle football train when he was 8. After secondary school, SanSoucie went into the united state Marine Corps and their secret connection finished.

Information on Aaron Hernandez Purportedly Leaving The Majority Of His NFL Cash to His HS Gay Male Enthusiast

It is very weird that all this details regarding Aaron Hernandez being gay leaked just days after his fatality by claimed suicide.

It looks like something that would have been reported throughout both his trials, but there was never ever a peep concerning it.

Even when Hernandez’s sexuality is now being made use of as a motive to kill Odin Lloyd, it had never been stated to now.

While you consider that, read about Hernandez’s supposed gay HS boyfriend and also who Newsweek claims he offered a lot of his NFL money to.

Ernest Wallace, a co-defendant in the Lloyd murder situation, told detectives the victim had actually called Hernandez a “schmoocher,” which was taken by Hernandez as well as his companions as a gay slur. Wallace was additionally taped stating during a jailhouse see with Tanya Singleton, Hernandez’s cousin, that he would not have actually assisted Hernandez remove the murder weapon– a criminal offense for which he is currently offering a 4 1/2- to-7 year sentence on device to murder costs– if he had recognized Hernandez was a “limp wrist,” multiple sources state. Singleton was accused of helping Wallace discard of Lloyd’s murder tool as well as was later on punished to 2 years probation with one year under residence confinement after pleading guilty to criminal ridicule for refusing to cooperate with detectives in Boston examining the double murder. District attorneys in both Bristol and also Suffolk regions said Hernandez had guaranteed to establish a trust fund for Singleton’s youngsters for her silence however never ever did.

Hernandez’s declared longtime man lover, the senior high school friend, was spoken with extensively by authorities after Lloyd’s murder, as well as was required to affirm in front of a grand court. Police officials likewise claim Hernandez moved a huge quantity of cash into 3 accounts quickly before his arrest for the Lloyd murder: one account was for his fiancu00e9e; a secondly was for his little girl; the third, where the most money was moved, was for that good friend.

Do you believe that Hernandez would certainly relocate more cash right into a former gay lover’s account than his child?

That is Dennis SanSoucie? Biography, Wiki, Age, Aaron Hernandez Secret Lover, Family, Line Of Work, Gay, Documentary, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Dennis SanSoucie was the claimed secret enthusiast of previous New England Patriots limited end and also convicted killer Aaron Hernandez. In the brand-new Netflix documentary series called Awesome Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez that started streaming on January 15th, 2022, it emerges Hernandez’s claimed hidden gay lifestyle added to his failure. His lack of ability to find to terms with the secret gay way of life or so the narrative goes is an emphasize on his life and also fatality and in the series as well as an extensive Boston World account that preceded it.

Aaron Hernandez told his mom that he was gay before his jail suicide, discloses sibling

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Aaron Hernandez’s Gay Fan Dennis SanSoucie Discuss Their Schoolboy Relationship

Heartbreaking late NFL celebrity Aaron Hernandez’s gay lover has spoken up about their connection.

Dennis SanSoucie claims both embarked on a relationship when they were both young.

He asserted they were ‘significantly right into trying to conceal what we were doing’ from loved ones.

Both played football at High School where SanSoucie was a quarterback, however, he exposed that Hernandez’s daddy was worried that his kid might be gay.

Hernandez and SanSoucie played with each other for Bristol Central High School‘s football team in Connecticut however they grew close away from the football field.

He disclosed: “Me and him were significantly right into attempting to hide what we were doing.

aaron hernandez gay high school

We really did not desire people to know.”

In High School Hernandez began to day Shayanna Jenkins, who would certainly later on become his fiancee and mother of his youngster.

Hernandez’s dad, Dennis, seemed the supreme helpful dad and also several had compassion for the family members when he all of a sudden passed away at the age of 49.

Nonetheless, his brother, Jonathan Hernandez, has actually revealed that their papa ran a residence where homophobia was rampant and abuse were rife.

He stated his father long had issues that Hernandez ‘had a feminine method regarding him’.

” He intended to be a cheerleader. My cousins were supporters as well as impressive,” Jonathan, 32, exposed.

” And also I bear in mind getting back and my father placed an end to that genuine quick. And also it was not all right. My father made it clear that he had his definition of a man.”

Their papa likewise regularly sprayed the term ‘f **** t’, which Jonathan claimed he used ‘regularly’.

He would beat his kids if they got out of line as well as he was specifically hard on Aaron leaving him with a black eye once.

” He handed me the phone, as well as he stated “I’m going to defeat you also harder, you and also your brother, and they’re mosting likely to have to draw me off of you when they tear down the door.”‘

His brother asserts that he knew Aaron was gay and that he held a great deal of pity regarding it.

A college sweetheart later on revealed that Hernandez had additionally told her concerning being molested as a child, claiming: “He never ever took care of it. It led to problems in his sexuality”.

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