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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered as well as Questioning (LGBTQ) People

Connecticut Clearinghouse, a program of Wheeler Clinic, Inc., is funded by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and also Dependency Solutions.

CDC Study Discovers 1.6% of Adults Determine as Gay

For the very first time in 57 years the Centers for Disease Control’s National Health Information Study has evaluated grownups on their sexual orientation, and also the results released Tuesday reveal that 1.6% of adults aged 18 or over recognized as gay, while another 0.7% recognized as bisexual.

The figures were slightly less than the searchings for from previous surveys, which had actually estimated that the LGBT populace consisted of 3.4 to 4% of the population.

An additional 1.1% of respondents recognized as “another thing,” specified “I don’t recognize the response,” or refused to supply a response.

The CDC said its statistics would assist researchers to identify as well as attend to wellness disparities between gay and straight grownups.

america gay population

The report recognized raised degrees of smoking as well as alcohol consumption among participants who determined as gay, along with a greater possibility of conference federal fitness guidelines.

Adjustment: The original version of this story incorrectly associated the information to the wrong resource. The survey was taken on by the Centers for Condition Control’s National Health Info Survey.

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Moral views on gay or lesbian relations in the United States 2001-2022

Missing percent points to one hundred percent due to address alternatives “depends upon circumstance”, “not a moral concern” and also “no point of view”, which are disappointed here. The source does not provide specific varieties of participants. Data for several years prior to 2022 drawn from previous publications. The resource presented the inquiry as follows: “Following, I’m going to review you a checklist of concerns. Despite whether or not you think it must be legal, for each one, please inform me whether you directly believe that as a whole it is morally appropriate or ethically incorrect. How about – Gay or Lesbian Relations?” with somewhat differing phrasing from 2001 to 2004 (” homosexual habits”) and also from 2006 to 2008 (” homosexual connections”).

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Individuals Believe 1 in 4 Americans are Gay

A new Gallup poll suggests that the ordinary American thinks that a quarter of the population is gay or lesbian. In addition, 35% of those polled assume the number is even greater. Participants were asked, “Just your finest guess, what percent of Americans today would certainly you claim are gay or lesbian?” Just 4% of participants say less than 5% of Americans are gay. Gallup asked the very same inquiry in 2002, with average estimates that 21% of males were gay and also 22% of ladies. The poll is a hefty comparison from the Williams Institute research from earlier this year counting just 3.5% of the populace as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, and an additional 1% as transgender.

HIV as well as Gay and Bisexual Men

Gay, bisexual, and also other males who reported male-to-male sex-related calla, bare overmuch influenced by HIV. Social and structural problems– such as HIV stigma, homophobia, discrimination, hardship, and also minimal accessibility to top notch healthcare– impact health and wellness outcomes as well as remain to drive inequities. Get the current data on HIV amongst gay and also bisexual men as well as learn how CDC is making a difference.

aThe term male-to-male sex-related get in touch with is made use of in CDC security systems. It suggests a habits that transfers HIV infection, not exactly how people self-identify in terms of their sexuality.america gay population This web material makes use of the term gay and also bisexual males to represent gay, bisexual, and also various other men that reported male-to-male sexual contact.b Unless or else noted, information in this internet content are for adults and adolescents aged 13 and older.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and also Transgender (LGBT)

Resources on the LGBT populace consist of national survey reports, company as well as federal campaigns, as well as related behavior health and wellness resources.

SAMHSA adds to developing national information collection methods and also expanding health and wellness services for LGBT individuals. Numerous training efforts for behavior wellness service companies have and will certainly continue to boost service distribution and also results for LGBT people.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-TALK (8255 )Free and also personal support for people in distress, 24/7

Behavioral Health Treatment Solutions LocatorFind treatment facilities confidentially as well as anonymously, 24/7

Visit the SAMHSA Facebook web page Browse through SAMHSA on Twitter Visit the SAMHSA YouTube network

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SAMHSA’s mission is to minimize the impact of substance misuse and also mental illness on America‘s areas.

Gay as well as Transgender Females by the Numbers

Crosby Burns as well as Melissa Dunn detail the state of gay and transgender women in our culture as well as our economic climate today.

Progressing Racial Equity as well as Justice, Conditioning Public Wellness as well as Finishing the Pandemic, LGBTQ Wellness, LGBTQ Rights, Nondiscrimination Protections

Over the past century, women have made remarkable innovations in national politics, domesticity, as well as culture both in the United States as well as throughout the world. People are commemorating these monumental success and also promoting additional modifications to level the playing area for women worldwide on the 103rd International Women’s Day on March 8. Those changes can not come fast enough for lesbian, gay, bisexual, as well as transgender women in our country.

In general, these women are most likely to experience more socioeconomic as well as health inequalities than their heterosexual counterparts as well as even more inequalities than male gay and transgender Americans. Additionally, much of these inequalities are also worse for gay as well as transgender women of color. On a day committed to women, it is essential to bear in mind how much gay and transgender women still need to go in the fight for equal rights in our country. So allow’s check out some of the numbers behind these women.

These numbers should trigger all Americans to reflect upon the challenges of gay and also transgender females in our country today and also celebrate their sacrifices for our national safety and security. This following century requires to be about equality for all females regardless of sexual preference and gender identification.

Carolyn Davis, Laura E. Durso, Carmel Martin, 8 More Donna Barry, Billy Corriher, Sharita Gruberg, Jeff Krehely, Sarah McBride, Ian Millhiser, Anisha Singh, Sally Steenland

Sexual orientation of social contacts and buddies of gay and also lesbian Americans 2009

According to the source,” [d] uring the 49-day duration from July 30, 2009 to September 16, 2009, Neighborhood Advertising, Inc. performed an on the internet study of self-identified gay men as well as lesbians from CMI’s proprietary study panel, along with participants indicated the survey from a variety of partners. For the purposes of this report, those individuals who self-identified as “queer,” “transgender” or “bisexual” were not included in the analyses unless they also determined as lesbian or gay.” Variety of respondents in the united state: Self-identified gay males: n= 15,848 Self-identified lesbian women: n = 5,809

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America is not nearly as gay as America believes it is

An American flag and a gay satisfaction flag flies before the Supreme Court in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, file)

‘There’s some wish for this nation’: Philly civil liberties advocate reacts to Arbery decision

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, as well as Transgender Wellness

Individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) are members of every area.america gay population They vary, come from all walks of life, and consist of people of all races and ethnic backgrounds, every ages, all socioeconomic statuses, and from all components of the country. The viewpoints and requirements of LGBT individuals ought to be regularly taken into consideration in public health efforts to improve the total health of every person as well as remove wellness differences.

Locate health and wellness solutions by state and also city on CDC’s upgraded LGBT Wellness Resources web page

Share of population that are gay, lesbian or bisexual New Zealand 2022/19 by age

Note: This job is based on/includes Duplicates NZ’s information which are licensed by Stats NZ for re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International permit.

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Americans that recognize as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender 2012-2022

No information is readily available for 2022 as well as 2022. * In 2022. The source does not provide the specific variety of respondents for each year. See resource for technique.

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A possibility sample of gay males

Information are presented from a national probability sample of males spoken with by telephone and also asked their sexual orientation. Of these men 3.7 percent reported that they were homosexual or bisexual. Homosexual/bisexual males were compared to heterosexual ones on the demographic variables. This example created larger numbers in those teams which seem underrepresented in the normal samples drawn from the gay globe. These groups consist of those with little education, wed men, older males, minorities, and also those staying in small towns. It is suggested that chance samples which do not draw directly or heavily from the gay world for homosexual respondents acquire a wider tasting of those having homosexual feelings or behaviors.

Variety of individuals identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual hits record high, numbers reveal

Young people most likely to determine as LGB, according to Workplace for National Data (ONS)

The number of people determining as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) has actually struck a record high in the UK, new numbers reveal.

Data released by the Workplace for National Stats (ONS) shows the figure boosted by 50,000 in 2022, with the proportion of the population up from 1.5 per cent in 2012 to 2 per cent in 2022.

Individuals aged between 16 as well as 24 were more than likely to recognize as LGB, at an estimated 4.2 per cent, while males were most likely to do so than ladies, at around 1.7 percent compared with 0.9 per cent.

However, females were more likely to determine themselves as bisexual, at 0.9 percent compared with 0.6 per cent of males, the numbers reveal.

Around seven in 10 of the lesbian, gay or bisexual population are single and also have never wed or signed up a civil collaboration, which the ONS said shown the more youthful age structure of this populace which lawful unions for same-sex pairs were reasonably brand-new.

Regionally, people in London were most likely to determine as LGB– at 2.6 percent– with people in the North East and East of England the least most likely, both at 1.5 per cent.

The ONS said the fairly high percentage of individuals recognizing as LGB in London could be described by the younger age framework and also the diversity of the population, with the average age in the resources 35, compared with 50 in the North East and also 42 in the East of England.

Northern Ireland had the most affordable percent of all UK countries with 1.2 percent of the family populace identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual.

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Macho and Mexican American males: an empirical understanding utilizing a gay sample

Macho remains to be a defining facet of Mexican American men that educates a wide array of psychological and also behavioral measurements. Although strides have actually been made around of research study, understanding of the role of this construct in the lives of gay guys remains incomplete. Our function in this study was to gain a much deeper understanding of machismo using an example of Mexican American gay males. This study took a look at for the very first time whether a 2-factor model of machismo previously verified with heterosexual, Mexican American men generalized to a sample of 152 gay guys of similar ethnic history. Relations between machismo, sex-related danger, as well as internalized homophobia were likewise discovered.america gay population Confirmatory variable evaluation supported the 2-factor version with the current sample. Results likewise indicated macho as forecasting internalized homophobia and also as an index of high-risk sex. Limitations exist as well as implications are talked about.

Trusted Tally of Gay Populace Proves Elusive

Until recently, little information existed to accurately answer that question, giving prolonged life to the case credited to Alfred Kinsey’s work greater than 6 years ago that one in 10 adults is gay or bisexual. But that price quote has long been examined by researchers for, to name a few things, being based heavily on interviews with prison inmates.

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Policies on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender as well as Queer (LGBTQ) concerns

The American Medical Organization (AMA) supports the equivalent legal rights, advantages as well as liberty of all individuals and also opposes discrimination based upon sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, faith, handicap, ethnic beginning, nationwide origin or age.

Sexual orientation as well as sex identification are integral facets of the AMA areas as well as AMA policies on LGBTQ problems that work to inform people about LGBTQ discrimination as well as abuse. AMA’s plans for lesbian, gay, bisexual as well as transgender individuals’s legal rights stand for a multiplicity of identities as well as concerns.

The AMA advertises the art as well as scientific research of medicine and the betterment of public wellness.

The Number Of People are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, as well as Transgender?

To read the full-text of this research, you can request a duplicate straight from the writers.

To review the full-text of this study, you can ask for a copy directly from the authors.

Their Baby Was Denied Accessibility to Treatment Due To The Fact That They Are Gay

LGBT couple Krista and also Jami Contreras discuss what happened when they took their infant daughter to the doctor for the first time.

Advancing Racial Equity and Justice, Conditioning Public Health as well as Ending the Pandemic, Household Recognition, LGBTQ Health And Wellness, LGBTQ Legal Rights, Nondiscrimination Protections

Roughly 30 states still lack clear legislations to safeguard lesbian, gay, bisexual, as well as transgender, or LGBT, Americans from discrimination due to their sexual preference or sex identity. Across the country, there stays no explicit federal legislation that bans LGBT Americans from being fired; being declined solution; or, incredibly, also being denied accessibility to medical care. Krista and Jami Contreras of Detroit discuss what occurred to their then-6-day-old daughter, Bay, when they took her to meet her doctor for the very first time.

Sharita Gruberg, Frank J. Bewkes, Elizabeth Platt, 2 Even More Katherine Franke, Claire Markham

Carolyn Davis, Laura E. Durso, Carmel Martin, 8 More Donna Barry, Billy Corriher, Sharita Gruberg, Jeff Krehely, Sarah McBride, Ian Millhiser, Anisha Singh, Sally Steenland

Demographics of the gay as well as lesbian population in the United States: Proof from readily available methodical data resources

Badgett, M.V.L. 1995. “The Wage Results of Sexual Orientation Discrimination.” Industrial and also Labor Relations Testimonial 48: 726– 39.

Becker, G.S. 1981. A Writing on the Family. Cambridge: Harvard College Press.

Black, D.A., H. Makar, S. Sanders, and L.

america gay population

Taylor. 1998. “The Effects of Sexual Orientation on Earnings.” Working paper, Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon University.

Bumpass, L.L. and also J. Sweet. 1989. “National Quotes of Common-law Marriage.” Demography 26:615– 25.

Jepsen, L. 1998. Essays on the Economics of Marital Relationship: An Empirical Study of Same-Sex as well as Opposite-Sex Couples. PhD dissertation, Department of Economics, Vanderbilt University.

Jepsen, L. and also C. Jepsen. 1999. “An Empirical Analysis of Same Sex as well as Opposite-Sex Couples: Do ‘Suches as’ Still Like ‘Likes’ in the ’90s?” Working paper, Northwestern College.

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Klawitter, M.M. 1997. “The Results of Sexual Preference on the Factors of Earnings for Women.” Functioning paper, Grad School of Public Affairs, College of Washington.

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Laumann, E.O., J.H. Gagnon, R.T. Michael, and also S.america gay population Michaels. 1994. The Social Company of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States. Chicago: College of Chicago Press.

Michael, R.T., J.H. Gagnon, E.O. Laumann, and also G. Kolata. 1994. Sex in America: A Definitive Study. Boston: Little, Brown.

U.S. Demographics Bureau. 1975. “Precision of Data for Selected Populace Qualities as Gauged by the 1970 CPS-Census Match.” 1970 Census of Population as well as Housing, Evaluation and Research Study Program Report. Washington, DC: U.S. Federal Government Printing Office.

–. 1993. “Content Reinterview Survey: Accuracy of Information for Selected Population and Housing Qualities as Measured by Reinterview.” 1990 Census of Population and also Housing, Research and also Examination Record, CPH-E-1. Washington, DC: U.S. Federal Government Printing Workplace.

The writers gratefully acknowledge financial backing from NICHD Give HD3703-01 430. We are also happy to Hoda Makar for research and also content help, as well as to Jason Area, Gregory Lewis, Robert Little, Jane Mauldon, Susan Newbie, as well as individuals in population density workshops at the University of California, Berkeley as well as the University of Maryland for beneficial remarks.

Black, D., Gates, G., Sanders, S. et al.america gay population Demographics of the gay as well as lesbian population in the USA: Proof from readily available organized data sources. Population density 37, 139– 154 (2000 ). lecastella.info bld.1 (3000096626) – Institute for Mobile and Intracellular Synergy (3000097229) – MA Group AG (3001710341)

Moral position in the direction of gay or lesbian connections in the United States 2022

The source worded the question as adheres to: “Next, I’m mosting likely to read you a checklist of problems. Despite whether you assume it ought to be legal, for each one, please tell me whether you directly think that generally it is ethically appropriate or morally wrong. Exactly how about gay or lesbian relationships?” The resource does not specify the precise variety of respondents.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons as well as Tobacco Use

Individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) consist of all races and ethnic cultures, ages, and socioeconomic teams, as well as originate from all parts of the united state. It is estimated that lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals compose about 3% of the overall U.S. population.1

Smoking amongst LGB people in the united state is greater than amongst heterosexual/straight individuals. Concerning 1 in 5 LGB adults smoke cigarettes compared to around 1 in 6 heterosexual/straight grownups.2

Minimal information exists on smoking occurrence amongst transgender people; nonetheless, cigarette smoking prevalence amongst transgender adults is reported to be higher than amongst the basic populace of grownups.3

The transgender populace is thought about specifically at risk because of high rates of substance misuse, clinical depression, HIV infection, and also social and employment discrimination, all of which are connected with greater cigarette smoking frequency.4

Ideal Practices User Overview: Health Equity in Tobacco Avoidance as well as Control [PDF– 5.04 MEGABYTES]

MPOWERED: Ideal as well as Promising Practices for LGBT Tobacco Prevention as well as Control [PDF– 2.03 MB]

Centers for Disease Control as well as PreventionNational Facility for Chronic Disease Avoidance and also Health And Wellness PromotionOffice on Smoking Cigarettes and HealthE-mail: [email protected] 1-800-CDC-INFO

Media Inquiries: Call CDC’s Workplace on Smoking and also Health and wellness press line at 770-488-5493.

Percent of gay couple households, by race of owner U.S. 2022

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On Facebook, 70% of Americans Have a Gay Pal

Just in time for the Supreme Court judgments on same-sex marital relationship as well as gay-pride occasions throughout the united state this week, the information miners at Facebook ran an evaluation on their participants. What portion of Facebook individuals in America, they wondered, contends the very least one pal who has recognized himself or herself on Facebook as gay, lesbian or bisexual?

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Gay Artists in Modern American Society

Michael S. Sherry is teacher of background at Northwestern College and also writer of three publications, consisting of the Bancroft Prize-winning The Rise of American Air Power: The Creation of Armageddon.

america gay population

For more details regarding Michael S. Sherry, see the Author Web page.

” Gay Artists in Modern American Culture discovers a neglected Cold Battle gay renaissance.”– American Literary Background

” Masterfully investigates how gay musicians– primarily male– came to specify contemporary American society while navigating the limitations imposed by Cold War homophobia.”– Journal of Cold Battle Studies

Gayest Cities in America 2022

Obergefell v. Hodges is a civil liberties situation in which the Supreme Court ruled that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex pairs. Decided on June 26, 2022, Obergefell v. Hodges required all fifty states, the Area of Columbia, and US territories to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples as well as identify the marriages of same-sex couples on the same conditions as opposite-sex marital relationships.

While all 50 states are called for to acknowledge gay marital relationships, some states as well as cities are more LGBTQ friendly and have greater populations of gay couples. Rose city, Oregon, for example, is one of one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in the United States. Portland was the first significant city to elect a freely gay male as mayor in 2008 as well as mandated most public washrooms to be gender-neutral in 2022. Salt Lake City, Utah has 2 gay city councilors, a lesbian mayor as well as a satisfaction celebration of more than 40,000 participants annually.

New York City has the highest possible variety of married same-sex couples with 13,892, but this just makes up.84% of New york city’s complete populace.

Marvel to Present Gay Captain America Later This Year

This year, Marvel is commemorating the 80th anniversary of the initial Avenger with a new limited collection. Author Christopher Catwell as well as artist Dale Eaglesham are teaming for The United States of Captain America, a brand-new limited collection where Captain America‘s guard has actually been taken. Steve Rogers coordinate with Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and also John Walker (who have actually each been Captain America eventually) to go on a cross-country journey to discover it. As they make their way around the country, they fulfill a number of heroes that were motivated to end up being regional Captains America for their very own neighborhoods.

The very first problem of The USA of Captain America has them satisfying the Captain America of the Railways, Aaron Fischer, that is gay. He’s introduced in a perk story written by writer Josh Trujillo as well as illustrated by Jan Bazaldua.

” Aaron is influenced by heroes of the queer area: protestors, leaders, and everyday individuals pushing for a much better life,” Trujillo said in a release. “He means the oppressed, and also the forgotten. I hope his launching story reverberates with visitors, and assists inspire the future generation of heroes.”

Bazaldua is appreciative for the opportunity to have helped create the character. “I truly enjoyed designing him, and as a transgender individual, I enjoy to be able to offer an openly gay individual that appreciates Captain America as well as battles against evil to help those who are nearly unnoticeable to society.”

Bazaldua added, “while I was drawing him, I assumed, well, Cap battles versus super-powerful beings and saves the world often, however Aaron helps those who walk alone in the road with problems that they face every day. I wish people like the end outcome!”

Each concern will present a brand-new regional Captain America, showing off the variety of the nation and the people who tip up to be heroes. Fischer’s concern will release June 2.

Present quotes of the US lesbian/gay/bisexual populace

In 2011, the Williams Institute assessed numerous different studies that gauged the lesbian, gay, bisexual, as well as transgender populations in the United States. Although the researches’ findings differed, they balanced out to 3.5% of the adult U.S.america gay population populace determining as lesbian, gay, or bisexual. That’s over 8 million grownups, which is greater than the size of Los Angeles and Chicago incorporated– the 2nd as well as 3rd biggest cities in the US.

Gates, G.J. (2011 ). The amount of people are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and also transgender? Williams Institute, UCLA School of Regulation. lecastella.info majority of population studies group LGBT with each other in their inquiries. Check out the statistics area for the most current LGBT researches from Gallup, the Williams Institute, the CDC and also Pew Research Study.

STUDY: 5 Percent of American Males are Gay, Millions in the Storage room

A brand-new New York Times research reveals that millions in America‘s gay male populace are in the storage room.

The New York Times released interesting arise from a research study that were compiled making use of Gallup surveys, Facebook, pornography searches and dating websites. What it found was that “a minimum of 5 percent of American men … are predominantly brought in to males, and also countless gay males still live … in the wardrobe.” One more interesting finding is that it’s common for American females to presume their hubby are gay. The research study states that, when looking “Is my husband” on Google, the most typical word to follow is “gay.”

Sorry to leave you on that particular Debbie Bummer note. To check out the rest of the research study, and to see an infograpihc labeling states where remaining in the storage room is most usual, go here.

An Unseen Populace: Older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and also Transgender People

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Gay in America: The Fight Versus Discrimination

America‘s Worst (as well as Ideal) Places to Be Gay,” by Frank Bruni (column, Aug. 27), defines why “there’s no such thing as L.G.B.T. life in America.” Patchwork securities and diverse degrees of approval lead to experiences that vary vastly based upon ZIP code.

This holds true. However L.G.B.T. individuals residing in aggressive communities without specific protections, who sustain harassment as well as discrimination, should not be left sensation that there is nowhere to transform.

There is an expanding trend among government courts to identify discrimination based on sexual orientation as well as gender identity as discrimination based upon sex or sex stereotypes, prohibited under Title VII and Title IX. People that experience discrimination must not feel powerless, as a gay man who resides in Wyoming claimed.

Legal representatives at nonprofit L.G.B.T. lawful companies, like ours, can assist consider choices as well as supply complimentary lawful assistance, even when jurisdictions do not have these explicit defenses.

As soon as passed, the Equal rights Act would give full federal anti-discrimination defenses for the L.G.B.T. neighborhood.america gay population Yet up until that time, L.G.B.T. community members that have been enduring in silence needs to recognize that they have options.

Standing For Gay Men on American Tv

This essay examines the depiction of gay guys on American tv programs from the late 1960s to today. It checks out the effect of the process of media depiction on the lived truths of gay men past as well as existing, disclosing not just just how much development has actually been made in current decades regarding the depiction of gay males on American television, yet likewise how much progress has yet to be made. Such representations are taken a look at briefly in the context of countless television shows (consisting of 21 Dive Road; All My Kids; Dawson’s Creek; Leg Job; Marcus Welby, M.D.; as well as Will as well as Elegance) and extra thoroughly with regard to three prominent Fox prime-time series (Beverly Hills, 90210; Melrose Place; as well as Party of 5).

Research off-campus without worrying about accessibility concerns. Learn about Lean Collection below

Percent of gay couple homes in the U.S. 2022, by age

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American Gay

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New York City Still Has More Gay Locals Than Anywhere Else in U.S.

The San Francisco and Portland, Ore., metropolitan areas have the best percentage of citizens that are gay, as we composed last week. However those areas do not have the biggest gay populaces in regards to large dimension. That distinction instead goes to New york city and also Los Angeles.

Those two metro locations are so huge– the only two in the country with more than 10 million locals– that they blaze a trail on many populace matters, consisting of the number of people that determine as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Regarding 756,000 people in the New york city area fall under that classification, according to an evaluation of study data by Gallup, as well as regarding 590,000 people in the Los Angeles region do.

You can see a scatterplot contrasting the portion of gay locals in each of the nation’s 50 biggest city locations with the number of gay residents. San Francisco has the highest possible dot, because it has the best share of gay homeowners. New york city has the dot farthest to the right, because it has the greatest number of gay citizens– though you can additionally see New york city’s share is about ordinary for a top-50 metro area.

There is a positive relationship between metro-area size as well as the share of residents that are gay: Larger areas often tend to have a higher portion of gay residents. That’s why you see more dots in the upper-right section of the chart than in the lower-right portion.

But the connection was only a small 0.08. Some big metro areas, like Chicago and also Houston, have fairly little gay populaces, and also some smaller sized locations, like Rose city, have reasonably big gay populations.

Kinds of homes sold by lesbian/gay Americans 2022-2022

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