Straight to gay stories post a Gay Sex


Sex- and death-crazed gays play viral Perilous!

It was an all-red, over-the-banner Drudge heading, ensured to order attention. “MAG: 25 didn’t quit the writer, a consultant whose newest book has to do with a fire on a Navy ship, from creating a piece that indicates gays are heading toward one more self-indulgent, revolting and sickening help Armageddon.bareback conversion stories The entire lead of the piece is written in a prose design that reviews like Jerry Falwell transporting Seeker S. Thompson. Freeman’s pseudonymous bug-chaser’s eyes “illuminate as he states that the actual minute of transmission, the immediate he gets HIV, will certainly be ‘one of the most erotic thing I can visualize … However I believe it turns the various other guy on to recognize that I’m negative which they’re bringing me into the league. That gets me off as well.'” Freeman clarifies: “HIV-infected seminal fluid is dealt with like liquid gold.” Here’s one quote from an apparent infecter: “If I recognize that he’s negative as well as I’m fucking him, it sort of obtains me off. I’m murdering him in a sense, killing him slowly, which’s type of, as sick as it sounds, exciting to me.” Yet then you recognize this quote– relished by Sean Hannity– isn’t from anyone who has actually infected any individual. It’s from Freeman’s vital source, picturing what it may feel like to be on the other side of the formula. How do we understand this person isn’t delusional? We don’t. He’s clearly deeply disrupted, but we are supposed to believe every word he claims. Freeman does not in fact corroborate a single episode of harmful sex between a person HIV-negative allegedly looking for infection as well as someone HIV-positive purposefully passing it on. His resource offers to prove it once. Freeman states he decreased to witness the experience.

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